TR-90 frame material
driving mirror coppermax lens technology
wrap around semi-rimless
Coppermax Eyewear Starter style 3668DM
anti-reflective coating sports eyewear


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The frames are injection-molded exclusively from TR-90, a highly advanced nylon-based material that is uniquely formulated for strength, flexibility and memory retention. Lightweight and extremely durable, TR-90 withstands harsh elements without breaking down or losing its finish. The frames also has rubber nose pads & temple tips for additional comfort. The lenses are Polycarbonate plastic which is an extremely strong plastic that is often used in aircraft and motorcycle wind shields. It is also lightweight and extremely impact-resistant. This lens provides sharper vision, more vivid color reproduction, & improved depth perception. Virtually 100% of UVA & UVB rays are blocked. It blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. It also has Anti-Reflective coating which is a violet-colored coating on the back of a lens that prevents sunlight from coming in from behind and reflecting off the back of the lens into the eyes. This coating is most useful on water or snow. On the front of the lens, it has a Flash Mirror coating for additional filtration. The Coppermax lens tint is a great contrast lens for driving & outdoor sporting activities such as cycling, fishing, motorcycling, hunting, shooting, golfing, etc.